The Heart Is A Two Headed Sperm

by Tantrum Of The Muse

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dawg Tantrum of the Muse shows how violent and unrelenting their sound and message is with few punches held back on this album.
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Takehold Records is the undisputed leader of the underground in my book, and records like this one are exactly why. Tantrum Of The Muse is AMAZING. As far as creativity (and the execution of it) goes, they join only a handful of gutsy bands that have a truly original sound (virgin black, primus, Ani Defranco, Eva O). The record starts off with this "back and forth yelling," between some girls ("I'm not singing this, who's singing?") and I assume the band ("I am"). Aptly titled "Do Not Hurt Luddle" this tune will have you yelling right along! The record is also riddled with different samples of what sounds like 1960's public service announcements, that are absolutely ridiculous! The song that caught me most is called "My depression outfit" and it is dedicated to all those who have lost a friend or family member to cancer. It is mainly the sound of a thunderstorm with some piano intertwined and some speaking in the distant background. What I really appreciate about this song is that they really capture it. Having lost a family member to cancer, I really felt this song, even before I knew what it was written for (believe it or not). This is one of the many things that separates Tantrum Of The Muse from other bands, there thought process. They let this song be a feeling, instead of making it a complicated piece of artistry or force lyrics into it. Highlights are "The Devil's House Of Techno," " Jesus Standing Behind The Entertainment," and "My Depression Outfit," but all of these songs are amazing. If you are a fan of music that is original and non-commercial, and you do not have this CD, you are truly missing one of the great ones.
CD Grade: A++++++
Cover Art Grade: A-

There is little good trying to describe this band. The best thing to do is to go to their website and check their mp3's. I will attempt a description...You can break Tantrum down into the unique ideas and concepts that form the lyrics, samples, pianos, and just plain weird stuff. The rest can pretty much be summed up as a roller coaster ride! Overall, TOTM are amazing and it's no wonder that this album could be the band to take music to the next level
- Takehold Records

This is absolutely amazing. Why haven't these guys gotten more attention? This three piece from Pennsylvania plays chaotic, off-time, quirky metal that goes from insane metallic noise to quiet eerie parts in a flash. The vocals vary from bloodcurdling screams to oddly sung vocals and the percussion is ever changing and innovative. Throw in some bizarre samples and piano and there you have a sound somewhat comparable to Today Is The Day mixed with Shellac with a little Mr. Bungle.
- (lumberjack distribution)

This is harder to review than a Pink Floyd record, because like Pink Floyd, there are not many points of reference that I can use.The band released this 12- song CD themselves (it was going to be on SOFA). Though it is self released, the sound quality is excellent. Onto the actual music. Imagine a blend of insane metal, hardcore, lots of dialog samples, among breakdowns in which the singer actually sings. I know, that sounds like me, this is NOT emo! I got this CD two weeks ago and put off writing this review because i was so baffled as to describe it. While the many different paces, and tempos, and the fact that the singer didn't just scream every single song really turned me off at first. I like something more predictable. Then I started emailing with Stephen, the singer (for interview) and began to get a better understanding of just what the band was trying to accomplish and I found a real respect for the songs and the very unorthodox lyrics which in many places tackle a subject that most "Christian" bands wont touch with a four hundred foot pole - they are very introspective. I guess you could call this release "experimental metal". I think that would be very fair. This definitely stands out as one of the must unique releases I have EVER heard.
- The Crucial Times Street Zine Issue 13 - 1999


released October 1, 1999

Recorded in July, 1998. Mastered and released by Takehold Records 1999.

Stephen Mark Sarro - Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Etc
Udrick Wise - Drums, percussion, bgv, etc

Samples restored by Stephen Mark Sarro



all rights reserved


Tantrum Of The Muse Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Tantrum Of The Muse was a powerhouse of creative and vibrant noise rock, based out of Lancaster County Pennsylvania, making thought provoking and honest music in the underground scene from 1998-2004. Christian kids making REAL music with REAL impact. Their music was way ahead of its time, and this page serves to keep the music available and to raise money to release the albums, physically, again. ... more

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